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;s speech at University of CambridgeLUSAKA, June 10 (Xinhua) -- A top Zambian government official warns the southern African country▓ risks lagging behind in technology advancement if there is no investment in space science, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.Gabri▓el Namulambe, the minister of science, technology and cocational training, said there was need to pro

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mote and exploit science and technology as an instrument for development, adding that an environmentally friendly and indigenous technological capacity was a catalyst for socio-economic development.Speaking in Zambia's tourist capital, Livingstone in Southern Province, at the start of an International Heliophysical Year Africa Scintil▓lation Network Decision Aid meeting, the Zambian minister said Africa was falling behind in space science and ▓technology advancement while the developed world had advanced a▓t an increasing pac

e."Africa is not at the stage of development where science and technology should appear on Africa's agenda because we have many problems such as high povert▓y levels, high unemployment, underdeveloped transport and comm▓unication infrastructure," Namulambe was quoted as saying.Accord

hours ago at the Great ▓H all of the People in Beijing.84-year-old mathematician Gu Chao hao and 81-year- old space expe rt Sun Jia dong walked away with the mo st prestigious sci ence and tec hnology prize. They also r eceived a cash prize of 5 million yuan, or 730-thous and▓ US dollars each.Full text of C hinese premier´ 道孚县wap 贵定县5G 衢州市5G 张家港市wap 南召县5G 蚌埠市wap 黄梅县wap 凤山县wap 吉首市5G 勐海县wap 攀枝花市5G 浠水县wap 即墨市wap 凤山县wap 弋阳县5G 林周县5G 明光市wap 凤城市5G 渝北区wap 双辽市wap 热血传奇私服加速挂 超变热血传奇私服网 单职业手机传奇私服游戏 1.85玉兔传奇私服网站 最新传奇私服安卓版下载 传奇私服发布网 85元素玉兔传奇私服 火龙传奇私服发布网 刀塔传奇私服安卓版 传奇私服单